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Design Selector Stay the title of the pages


I will be great when we use the Design Selector for exemple if one design have more than one page to stay the name of the pages.

Actually for exemple we have a design ''Book 20x25" with one page name ''Cover" then "Page 1", "page 2" etc... and on the front office when we launch the designer the title is always Book 20x25.

So the best experience is to stay the title name of the pages. thanks



News about that ? is very usefull when we have some pages on a design and for have a good identification of all the pages with the design selector.


Nobody have this type of problem ?

If a design have some pages with a title ex. page 1, page 2, etc.... it's ok actually but need to have the same when the design selector is active. Actually with the design selector actived, the title of all the page stay the tittle of the first page on all the pages and it's not good.


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