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Issues with Editing Text in Designer

We have tested the designer with two people who are basic computer users. Both have similar technology skill levels. They can check email, order items online from Amazon, etc. However, both people were unable to figure out how to edit text in the designer. 

We setup a test layout with the words "Company Name". One person used a Chromebook and when they click the words, the selection handles appear around them but the popup box with all of the icons does not appear. They gave up and were not able to edit the text. The other person can see all of the icons popup but never could figure out how to edit the text. 

My question is...are there plans to make editing text simpler?

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Hi Brandon, thanks for your message.

The basic intuition to edit a text should be double clicking it. We have tested with first click to edit and trust me it makes things messy becasue most of the design time has to do with dragging to move around as against typing. So clicking first and it shows typing cursor on text but on shapes and images, the move anchor, is very inconsistent.

And in addition, we added the popup toolbox with an edit icon, that's two distinct ways to edit a text. However if these users cannot guess either of these, I suggest you edit the layout file

You will find this line (251):


<a data-type="ctx-text-edit" class="pp-context-btn" ><i class="pp-icon-pen pp-med-icon"></i></a>

You can simply remove the icon (i tag) and replace it with a text for them, perhaps "Click to Edit Text". For the Chromebook, we have not tested on that and perhaps a double-click information as the welcome message can solve that.

Also there is the form they can use at the start of the design to fill in their details as shown here:

We also have the Data Form module which provides the simplest interface to edit texts while designing:

Sample here:

I will change this to solved as it should be under Feature request as against problem.


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