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Pictures and Backgrounds not loading in Opencart


please take a look at this video I made for you:

as you can see pictures and backgrounds are not loading on canvas

3 people have this problem

Yes this issue is a production front end problem.

Even on you test page :

Production issue = client lost = money lost !

Quick fix it !

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I have been trying to setup a store a try to work with Pitchprint for the past 2 months with no success.  Does anyone have a fully working store that works with no issues and making money off of it?  I have been using Onprintshop on other of our websites for the past 4 years with no issues but it is very expensive.  been trying to switch to this solution with no avail.  really disappointing is the least I can say

same problem, plz fix quickly this problem :/

And it's not only on Opencart, it's on all versions.... 

Event Pitchprint demo site :

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Same problem for me!

Preview image doesn't work on site!

Try to save and the preview is not available!

nothing work correctly !!!!!!!

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Sorry for this, please. There's DNS issue on some servers. We are instantiating few others on another region entirely. Just few minutes to get this.

Ok, we have few in London now, should resolve the issue pending when DigitalOcean gets it fixed.

Yes pictures now loading in Canada,  still getting network error when attempting to save the design.

Yeah, got that. Pls check again.

yes all is good for that, but still getting error when trying to edit a saved design to place a new order:

on a positive note, i love the speed everything loads :)))

Thanks, Marco. Please do you still have the issue?

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