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What is thoses options "flatten svg" etc...


I wanted to know what is thoses options in the general setting of pitch print :

.New Text Message
.Force Mini Ui
.Flatten SVG
.Flatten all other Vectors
.Vector to Raster Dpi

Thanks ^^

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The docs are coming :), but here:

.New Text Message - The content of the textfield when users create a new text on the canvas

.Force Mini Ui - Collapses the left panel, so that they have to click the tabs to show the left panels.

.Flatten SVG - Converts uploaded SVG into PNG, with that you always get exact replica of the file

.Flatten all other Vectors - Same as Flatten SVG except it affects other file types like PSD, CorelDraw, Illustrator and EPS files.

.Vector to Raster Dpi - The DPI that should be used when converting SVG or other vector files to PNG. Be careful with this; high value takes time to process and also consumes client's RAM if too large.

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