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Edit or new project button don't work and preview image product false

 All is in the title of this post and this is a link for exemple :

At first in attachement you'll see the "select design" usually is not enable but sometimes I've him on some products.

Then launch the customisation finish him, you'll see the preview image instead the image product is not the same render, and the 2 buttons edit or start new project don't work.

In the designer the loader gif when we uplaod an image don't turn. In Firefox only.

Finally if you can tell me how can I change the class of thoses 2 buttons "Edit and start new project" it will be fine.


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Hi Jean-Pierre,

The issue with the select design is unique to this site and will explain why like this..

The theme uses a custom select (Drop down picker), this is due to the fact that html selects are quite limited when it comes to skinning them, so the theme developer actually hides the select and creates something simliar using ordinary div.

Now when the app loads and finds out that the designID has an asterisks before it, it knows that it is a design category and not a single design. So the select is shown but disabled till we load all the designs (and accordingly, your theme hides it and shows its own custom select, also disabling itself).

But then because you have assigned the design picker module to that category, the module loads the designs in that category and then hides the selector since the user doesn't need to select from outside the app. During this second "hiding", your theme doesn't hide its own custom select and there is the problem. What you see is the theme's custom select.

When you check your theme file:, line 266 you will find:


@include hideYetClickable();



@mixin hideYetClickable()

on line 8 has the opacity set to 0. So no native select is shown on the page

As regards the preview, it shows pretty well when tested:

To change the button's theme, you can add the css as follows:

#pp_edit_design_btn { /* css here */}
#pp_clear_design_btn { /* css here */}


Yes, are aware of the Firefox's loader animation. It's not actually a gif, it's an SVG with css3 frame animation and FF doesn't play frame animations when using img to embed SVGs, unless we use object, which IE doesn't play nice with. Will do a fallback to gif pretty soon for FF.


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Have added a change event on the select once hidden the second time, perhaps the theme could use that to know it's hidden again.

Let me know if this is solves it then.

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It's ok for the loader,  for the select design it is always here. Maybe hidden it in the css code you think ?
Ok also for the image product preview/

Thank you so much for all your reply to the issues, The Isaac Power Today^^.


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