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Not able to upload images to admin area

After the update to the admin area I'm not able to add images to the admin area, I press the + button and nothing happens. I sent a ticket a few days ago, but still no reply. Anyone else having this problem?


I think problem is with image size. It exceeds basic version limit. 

Not sure what, it works fine from our checks:

Can you drag and drop into the category please, the category is also a drop point, you can drag images into it.

Yes drag and drop is fine. I'm using Firefox and it's always worked fine until the update. I'm looking at going premium as soon as possible, but as the business is extremely new it's just not viable at the moment. Having a free version really allows some leeway in regards to time and ramping up the business. 


Ok, will try on FF now.

You are correct on FF, the upload button didn't launch. Have just fixed it.


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