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Pitchprint not working (new version)

Since Pitchprint upgrading to the new version, all my design stored in admin panel has been lost. Pitchprint also can not connect to my store now (Prestashop).

I have hundreds of designs stored in pitchprint, and hundreds of products in my online store are now in trouble. You should have informed us in advance due to any update so we can prepare.

The downtime is about 12 hour now and this is not good for paying customer running live online store.

Please fix this or at least reply. I've been trying to reach you on both skype and email since the last 12 hours.

Sorry for the hickups, the designs in the admin are back.

This never affected the front store though.

Kindly check.

Since the last changes a couple of days I do not work the button that connects the designer from the browser chrome , but if it works desdel Internet Explorer browser .
The button stays all the time thinking
As I can fix ?
It happens to someone else?

Did you get all your designs back? I only got a few back.

There are some many problems before the new version and much more with this new version, I hope all the problems will find an issue. Because some problems are very important. We've talking about that in an another post here : Click

I know you're small but please before to start a some new versions, check all the issues before. You know all the problem that all the users of Pitch print have, I don't talk the feature etc... but real importants problems for an optimal utilisation with the standards options of pitch print. Pitch print is 80% of our store.

Courage and I hope you'll find quickly a solution for all the problems.


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