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Congratulation for the admin part Update

Wow I've connect to my admin part and what I see, the favicon change, I've say ah ? and after the page has uploaded.... A NEW VERSION of the admin part CONGRATULATION for this update, thanks. I'v see somes new options that will be great.

The design of the new admin part is nice, more simple and intuitive perfect. Maybe you make the update again and is not finish but for the moment it's that I see for bugs :

1. Can't add new design or picture by the pitchprint store, and the thumbnail picture for the design.

2. On the Designer, the loader when we upload a photo don't turn.

3. When we want to uplaod by facebook, the pop up say "you need to be connected before to use...) we don't see the login facebook directly o nthe pop up as before.

4. The icone of the Canvas Adjuster don't show on the Designer.

5. The Designer selector and template color, lost on the designer

6. The Loader gif when we finish the project (on the preview, upload) don't show

You will post on the blog or .... for tell us more about the new options as "Flatten svg" ....?

That feeling an update also for the Pitch Print front office that ^^. That will be great for the bugs.

Best Regards

Since the upgrade process, all my design in the admin panel has been lost. The pitchprint also not working on my store. I have hundreds of product that need pitchprint in my live store. This is very critical now since it's been down for the last 12 hours now.

You should at least inform us in advance during any update so we can expect downtime and prepare our daily operation for that.

Please fix this ASAP.

Hi @dmDar, the designs are all there now. Just click the right facing arrow or design title to expand the category. This only affects design categories that are up to 10 or more, for performance sake.

Hi @Jean-Pierre, thanks for your words :) Kindly check again, most of the issue have been solved. And yes we have documentation coming up for the new features.


@Isaac no problem it's usual to help and tell about the experience for solved all the issue. Well I've check again but no change since I've post the message.

1. When we try to enable the module Design Selector, when we click on save the page is white at 50% and stay, issue is refresh the page. Ok But after in the store the button "Customization" when we click on don't open the designer, nothing. In the same as the image 8 in attachement usually this form doin't show, here it show and nothing when we clic on, but usually don't be here because the " Use pages as selectabe layout" is desable.

Exemple here :

2. The Canvas Adjuster and Design Selector not work.
3. The loader gif in the admin part and also in the store don't turn (the preview).
4. Can't add picture or other elements in the admin by the pitchprint store, we have an interdiction icon on mouse hover on the button ''Add to the store".
5. In the setting of a design, we can click on add or change the thumbnail no window open. So can't change or add the Thumbnail of the design.
6. Also we have lost the add a new design by the pitchprint store.



(10.4 KB)

Hi Jean-Pierre and Isaac, I have the same problem since the update of Pitch print. The canvas Adjuster and Design selector don't work on front office. 

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Hi guys, everything should be fine by now.

Once again, sorry for the upgrade glitches.

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Hi @Isaac, no problem we find the good way for a complete working version but still again somes problems:) :

1. Loader Gif when we uplaod an image in the designer don't turn.
2. Always the problem when we want to uplaod by Facebook look the capture.
3. Can't upload a thumbnail in the admin part on the design we'll see now the window but nothing when we click on uplaod an image.
4. The store pitch print for design or picture still not disponible.
5. The Design selector menu in the designer is here but not work, it show it load the project but nothing. and for exemple here no work in the start :
6. Always this famous menu for selection of design even if in the admin part the "selected layout...." is desable. Look the capture. THanks


(19.7 KB)
(389 KB)

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1. When the project as more than 1 page: edit your project in the front office do nothing when we click on the button ''Edit...."
2. When the project as more than 1 page: And click on ''New project' do nothing, the page refresh but still the 2 buttons "Edit..." and "New project".
3. The Loader Gif on the designer, the preview when we save the project don't turn.


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Hi Isaac,

Don't forget my tycket #2055 about API problem on frontend since the upgrade.

Thanks !


Hi @Isaac, thanks I've see today  that the issue with the uplaod by facebook is good now. Just that for the moment, waiting the others problems, courage :)


@Jean-Pierre, the new project is more of clear project. It simply clears the existing design against that product so the user can commence with a fresh design.

Also checked the loader svg, it runs perfectly well.

@Sylvain, answered!

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 @Isaac, thanks yes I know the utilisation of thoses buttons and it's great, thoses 2 buttons work now, maybe is more usefull for the client when he click on "start new project" that open a pop up window who inform the project has delete or just a loader, you know what I mean ? a pop up with the text ''Please wait, while the delete of the project..."

The loader svg don't work in firefox, as you can see i nthe vidéo in attachement, you'll see also the famous "choose the design template" who is usually not be here because in the admin part is desable. thanks


Thanks, are aware of that for FF. It's an SVG that uses CSS3 to create the animation in a single file. FF doesn't recognize the CSS3 in an SVG.

Should update this pretty soon.

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Thanks @Isaac


Great News for Dashboard!

A question: what is projects?

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