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Many Features Essential


We wanted to present to you some features that will be fine we think to see in this awesome PitchPrint. You'll see the exemple on the pdf file in attachement.

1. The client can delete him photo he has upodaed in the panel ''My Photos"

2. Add a bar who show the quality of the images (not good/good/very good)

3. When we launch the render in the module, show the pagination/title of the canvas has on the customisation part.

4. In the admin part. possibility to change the placement of the image/color/background, if for exemple the last image we want to place in first position, an another image before or after an other images etc....

5. Possible to add in the admin part somes frames/sticks/overlay in the panel option of the edit image part of the customisation. as we can add actually background, image etc....

6. The lines who are when we clic on a text or image for make a rotation or change the size directly, don't apply the mask on this part. actually the image don't swhow out of the canvas is good but also thoses lines and it's better to change the size or rotation of the elements to enable thoses lines go out on the canva but always the images stay in the canvas, you see that I mean ?

7. Possible to show or hide the panel where we can choose the color for the t-shirt design etc..... actually at the right in the customization part. Hide or not as the left panel you know, it's better for have a better place.

8. Add a save button in the top of the bar near the refresh design button, this button will be the client can save the project on a file that he download on him desktop, when he want to load him project he can do this direclty in him history account, the pitch print launch and in the same thing that the option who we can upload a csv file, here he can load him project file and continue to work on.

Best Regards

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