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Brochure, good or not good for thoses products

 Hi everybody

I've thinking to one thing about some custom products and my interrogation is for the brochures.

1. Someone use PitchPrint for this type of product, exemple brochure with 24, 48, 60 100 pages ?

2. Maybe if it's possible to see as a new feature for make the possibility directly in PitchPrint in the header where we find the refresh/close/check icone add a new icone ''Save the project".

If the customer click on this icone ''Save the project" he download one file, and when he want to continue to use PitchPrint later he go to the store and load the project file. As actually the button continue the project but here save in a file that the customer can download of his desktop and load many time he want for finish the project.

I think this option will be more secure for the long projects.

Thanks, Yes we've make a post for this feature in the ''Feature section'' will see that he think about that :)


duplicate and reorder (and modify) it is working now! For only save you have to ask to them!

Thanks for your reply, and how for do that in the account ?


Save a file on the desktop is not usefull, instead it is usefull save file on account so you can edit it from every pc, tablet and so on!

Ok I'm not a pro for php etc.... so if I understand that you say it's possible to do that, save the project file in the desktop and load on PitchPrint later ?


I asked this time ago! When pitchprint was flaxecube i create that function with php: if you are able to modify a design after you have done it, it is possible because there is a file that pitchprint reload! That function is used to reorder a job design: if you go to your account you can reorder a design and modify it, but pitchprint duplicates it: infact the button is "duplicate and reorder"! IT duplicates the design and changes its name! But it is simple to do, they have all they need to make save function!
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