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Error getting PDF file.

Was unable to retrieve the PDF file and I am getting this error 

{"error":true,"message":"No PDF file generated for this project. Kindly contact support : 730b7db55f5bb499233e4ffbe75b5579","errMsg":null} 

Did you figure this out? I needed some help recieving the pdf file. Support here just never seems to contact me back with answers

In rare cases, PDF files are not rendered and we might have to render them by loading it through the order details page in your framework.

Once you load the design, you will find the PDF button on the top left with which you can re-render the PDF.

Hi Isaac, 

Every now and then I get a order with no pdf link or raster link or load project modify link,

On these occasions i have had to refund the customer and ask them to re order is there a better work around where I don't need to refund them ?

Hi Luke, depends on the framework you are using, you need to make PitchPrint required. That way they can't add to cart unless there is a design assigned to that order.

Hi Isaac, thanks for the reply I'm using WordPress with woocomerce plugin, you say I need to make it required, can you please explain a little bit more on what you mean by this thanks,

Thanks again for getting back to me, the option was already checked on the backend of WordPress.

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