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Complete translation of PP in german


if I would translate the complete languagefile in German, can you tell me how it works to use the complete new languagefile? I would also make it available for other users.

I just found the Topic for the Translation of some words like "customize now".

Thanks in advance

Hi Phillipp,

Thanks for your offer to help.

Do you mean the German translation is incorrect or you just need to translate few words? Kindly clarify.


I want to translate the complete PitchPrint-Frontend in german (I think untill now there is no german translation, if you have already a german translation please let me know).

In one of your description I found these language file (see attached).

I can translate the file (if it is not already done), but I don't know how to use it because the language files are on your server.
(5.74 KB)

There is German translation already.

You just need to set your Framework's language (OpenCart, WordPress or PrestaShop) to German and PitchPrint will pick that as its default language.

Unfortunately it doesn’t work - I use Opencart and the new PitchPrint Version(updated). Did I have to use an specific german language pack for OpenCart? Is it possible to change the language manually?


Yes Phillipp, just install a German language pack for OpenCart and set it as default.

Then PitchPrint will revert to its German translation as well. It goes with the host parent's language settings.

I have found the Problem. The German language Pack was installed but it doesn't worked. So you have to change in your PitchPrint intallation "root/catalog/language/english/" the first line in the "default.php" file.

$_['code'] = 'de'; -> there was "en" I have to change it manually....

So I hope I can help anyoneelse with this in the future!


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