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Color difference between designer and rendered

Hi, does anyone else notice that the colors look different in the designer than on the output PDF & Raster images? When the pdf is opened in Illustrator the values match but visually the colors do not match the ones inside the designer.

I though it could be the way the browser renders colors but it's not the browser(s). Colors just look lighter in the designer. 

Also, when I use shapes they render at 40% opacity, anyone else experience this? 

This may be a critical issue as I cannot use the Pitchprint designer if what people are designing doesn't look like what they receive. This would result in returns/refunds.

I've tried just the preloaded colors, so it's not even graphics that I added. But I did try it with colors I input myself and still the same result.

Thanks much for your help.

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The colors are perfect. The remember PDF is rendered in CMYK, while the app (screen) is rendered in RGB. Also the conversion is best done by the admin.

What you see in the PDF is the exact value entered as CMYK for the corresponding RGB value; but if a CMYK is not provided in the color swatch, then the distiller tries to do a conversion which at times might not be exactly accurate as what you intended.


Isaac you can solve a little part of the problem with color piker: it works in rgb so customer can use RGB color and then it changes in pdf. I suggest you to change color piker in CMYK and not in RGB or to add a function in admin ON/OFF color piker for customer colors (MY COLOR)

what's the best practice for uploading admin's vector artwork as SVG, regarding colors?
RGB or CMYK? is it a problem to use spot colors?

i experienced a significant difference in color value with a test of mine:
upload: SVG with cmyk = 100-30-75-75
online: displayed color looks alright
download of artwork: cmyk = 100-0-29-81

does PP convert uploaded colors to RGB and then back to CMYK on pdf creation?


@ luis: in general, each user sees all of the colors differently, depending on his/her monitor settings... i'd suggest to always use a disclaimer, that the colors printed will be off from the colors seen on their monitor. especially with bright colors... a monitor can display neon green for example, which is impossible in cmyk.

@luis/isaac: i backup the idea for a cmyk-based color picker (maybe allow numeric input as well).
pls see file attached. e.g. the RGB based color picker allows users to pick neon green as a color - impossible to reproduce, of course. thsu the PP preview might raise false expectations...


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@TS, yeah a disclaimer is definitely a good thing to have, like you said, colors will render differently depending on monitor settings. I did compare my results with 2 different monitors. What I think my issue was is that I was uploading them as CMYK. I have not checked this recently but I will try again soon by uploading an image in both CMYK & RGB to see how they display and render. Problem is like you said what if the software itself is changing it from CMYK to RGB and then back again, for example like when a client uploads an image themselves in CMYK.

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will do some testing as well, as soon as i find time:
> SVG spot color upload
> SVG CMYK upload
> SVG RGB upload
> JPG CMYK upload
> JPG RGB upload 


I have the same problem when I use a CMYK.JPG as Backgroundfile. It need to be in CMYK because I want a good result in print. Can you please create a better view of CYMK.JPG's asap?

It is a big point for my customers, they don't like the colors in the Designer and that makes them unsettled. See example:

hi, i have completed my testing today. my setup: apple AI + PS CS6 + firefox browser. i do not care about what people see online - since it is depending on too many things -  aka their browser, their monitor settings, etc... so i was ONLY comparing: color values on upload AND download to/from PP:

> jpg upload of artwork in any mode (RGB or CMYK) = downloads are perfectly precise, meaning they have the proper value of what was uploaded; which is what you want, if you ask me.

> svg upload of artwork in any mode (RGB / CMYK / SPOT AS RGB / SPOT AS CMYK all as svg 1.1) = they all come out the same and way off - except for the CMYK-only version (also way off) - which initially surprised me. after some research, i get the part that they all come out pretty much the same - given i am using svg 1.1, which converts everything to RGB on SVG-creation on my computer, as far as i understood:

here is the part i do NOT understand: the browser-preview, which can be launched in AI in the file-saving-popup is right on regarding colors - meaning that the initial/general conversion to RGB colors must have been done correctly by AI. which leads to the comclusion that there must be some sort of incorrect calculation on PP's side of things. the monitor preview in PP looks alright, so i would assume this might happen on PP's output-PDF creation?

@isaac: i hope this helps you to locate a potential flaw on PP's handling of SVGs (which would be our preferred file format given its flexibility). if you need my samples files pls PN me. thanks!


 @Phillipp:  i have only tested the actual artwork-part of PP. we are printing on textiles, so backgrounds are only for previewig purposes for us. looking at your sample - a cmyk-upload - it looks like background-files are only handeled in RGB mode(?). based on my test results:  have you tried to upload RGB backgrounds? they should give you(r customers) a more precise preview online and you can always convert them to CMYK for your printing... given RGB's larger gammut i don't see any cons really?

@TS: Thanks for the tip. I'm sure that the preview with RGB images will be working. Does PitchPrint render the RGB-Image to a full CMYK print-pdf automaticly? And will be the quality the same as uploading a CMYK image?

Its important for my workflow that I can use the generated PDF file for printing. So changing backgrounds afterwards isn't an option. The perfect way would be a automatilcy generated preview-RGB Background of the CMYK file, but just for the preview. I don't know whats the easiest way to fix this problem...


Hi guys, 

Did you also see that images added by client in shapes are slightly shifted between preview and rendered images. 

Sometimes images are not filling anymore the full shape .

These shifts also occurs when you re-edit later a design previously saved.

Make some tests and you will see.

For us it's a big issue, because at the end client will not have what they have previewed.

thanks to the new feature to render out PDFs in RGB, i - from my testings - can say: problem solved. PDF outcput colors now come out as anticipated and very close to the original. nice!


I have uploaded svg and until 1 month ago if you changed svg color it worked on pdf!

Now svg are non convert in the user's colors!



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