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Thumb nail preview,

Looking for some help the thumb nail preview doent generate after the client has designed the Business card, a front preview apears but no reverse

Thanks for any help

I have the same problem, is there any support for this?

The same problem since today, yerstaday all it's good and today just one page in the preview.


is there any support for this plug in? 

Hi Jean-Pierre. Kindly let me have the url and check this out for you.

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Thanks for your reply, this a link for see you the problem but is not only for this design, all design with more than one page you know. In the same time is possible to desable the right click on Pitch Print because don't want the client uplaod the form/sign etc.... in .svg :)

The page :



I see you are using the Design Selector Module. Please set the option "Use pages as selectable layout" to OFF. like this:

Then it will print all the pages.

That option is used for items like Phone Cases where you can have different layouts in one design (as different pages) but you want the customer to use only one layout (Page)

As regards disable right click, sure you can do that easily.

You can paste that code anywhere in your page or if you want specifically and only for PitchPrint, go to your layout

Paste this in the first element tag: 

oncontextmenu="return false"

As if it's an attribute.

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Thanks for your reply, it's very strange because this option "use pages as selected ayout) never enable and yesterday it work, I've see all the page in the preview but today I don't know why, I d'ont touch anything and here don't work just the active page in the preview again.


For the code on contextmenu= return false can't find where exactly past that propely .;) it will be not better to find an another way for stop the client to download the form in .svg ?

Hi Isaac,

 I am trying to get the back of my business card to show up after the customer has finished designing the card but still only getting the front preview and no thumb nail (reverse).

here is my site

@Jean-Pierre, just add it like this:

@Luke, the previews are generated and both pages saved, just that the only the first page gets saved. Looking into this..

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Thanks Issac and thanks for looking the story for the preview generate. Because it's the same for all my design selector module:)


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