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inline editor

Trying to work out how the inline editor is set as i cant find any information about it and cant see any options

Many thanks


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Yes, I need that info as well. Thanks much. I'm trying to figure this app out before I will invest $50 a month on it. I'm glad we can try it for free to make sure it will work. I've already bought some from codecanyon that turned out to be really lacking compared to PitchPrint. You've got a great app.

Hi guys, the thing with inline editor is getting the right element from your product page's theme.

So it's not a fixed thing but depends on your theme. To do this, kindly send your product page url and I will find the right element where you can hang it to and send you the element name.


Thanks Issac I managed to sort it in the end.

Ok, did you find an appropriate div element?


help me

Hi @Koray,

Kindly send in your product page url and will find the element for you.

Hi Isaac,actually I could do with some help with this too! I noticed the javascript functions line is empty:  

inline: '',

 shouldn't  it be:  

inline: 'content',

 or something? or are you saying it has to be applied to a CSS div

Best wishes


Yeah, for the default OpenCart theme, that should be 


inline: "#content"


But many others use different themes which will have varying selectors, thus we moved it to the admin.

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Cheers Isaac - I forgot to include div hash tag! - works fine in my wordpress custom theme

Can anyone point me in the right direction to use this feature with Prestashop. What needs to go in the "inline selector element" in pitchprint options ? I am using the default template in prestashop.



Hi Chris,

Kindly send me your product page and I will look for a div you can attach it to. This value depends on the theme, thus there's no standard way.

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