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Saving Template Design

Hello - I am using your free version, just starting out. I am unable to make the template designs save after I edit them. I have tried creating a new design, and also have tried using a template from the store and editing it. I click on Update Page and it says it has updated - but when i go back to the designs list, the store one i edited goes back to it's original settings and the new ones i create are not showing under the category title.

Also, according to your directions, when adding text to the design, i should have tools on the left that allows me to make the text reference text (toggle) - i have no tools under there. Do i need to add a module? Or maybe this isn't available to me in the free version? 

Using chrome on my macbook pro, if that matters. Thanks!

Figure it out - apparently one needs to click the check mark (top right) to view preview, then cleck yes to save preview, and wa-la! Saved!

Glad you did.

Do let me know if you bump into further issues.


Thanks for the quick response!

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