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Journal 2 Theme


i just installed the Pitch Print Free version on my website, to see how its works on my way,

with default theme its works perfect, 

with journal 2 theme, its works, i can do the design. but when design its done. it dont change the main product image to image created in design. in cart it change normally.

what can be? im just testing for see if i use the premium version.


sorry about my english! thanks


We also have this problem and would like to know if anyone found a solution for this problem. The main product image doesn't change to the customized design. 



Hi Milon, can you please confirm if you still experience this

Hi, having the same issue here, talking to Isaac about it ATM, he has the customised image displaying correctly now on my site, but not at the correct size, also all previews on the product page (in the related module) also change to the customised design. Really hoping this can be sorted out as its stopping us from progressing.


Have finally got PitchPrint working with Journal2 theme in Opencart


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