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Unable to add Background tab on FO templates


For some reasons, i cannot add the Background Tab on designs. 

It is available when creating the design but it does never display on product page. 

Can you please check this issue ? 

Best regards, 


Perhaps you turned it off here:

Or you didn't assign any background category to it?

Hi Isaac, well, both are On: as check attached pictures. 

- all tabs are set to be displayed. 

- Background categories are assigned. 

- It still not appear. 


Hi Sune, Am going to need a url to check this.

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Just sent you the url on support ticket :)

Somehow the setting is true to hide background panel. Have set it to false, can you check it now.


Checked, it is working now ! 

Thanks a lot Issac :) 


Thanks a lot. 

It is working half way. :)

FO > 

- I still can't add the background tab on our other templates  :-s . 

- I am unable to add a background image on template. (on click, it says "image loading") but it does not apply on image. 

(edit: If i add a background color first, i can add a background image). 

- How can customer edit background or remove it once added ? 

Best regards, 


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