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Pixabay API request in Pitchprint Language

Hello ! 

It would be great feature to make the Pixabay API requests in the Pitchprint instance language. 

If customer language is french, make the request in fr, spanish in es and so on. 

What do you think about that ? 

Best regards, 


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Hi Sune,

Just checked, calls are mede in the specified language.


Hi Isaac, thanks for your reply. 

As my tests, PP open is French language but Pixabay search remains in english:

Can you please check it  ?

Best regards,


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Is the ajax called url 


Are you sure the language code is fr? Here is the line that does the call:


sComm.fetchGet(iModel.runtime.apiUrl.pixabay + '?username=' + iModel.lib.config.pixabay.username + '&key=' + iModel.lib.config.pixabay.key + '&image_type=photo&lang=' + iModel.c.langCode + '&response_group=high_resolution&q=' + keyWord + (isCont ? '&page=' + (totalFetched + 1) : ''), layoutImages, commFailed);


Please send me a link via ticketing.


Hey Isaac, 

You can use the same link as ticket #1802

As you can see, PP app is running in french (fr) but Pixabay api is running in english (en). 

I've checked Pixabay API, lang code is fr for fr. 

langstrLanguage code of the language to be searched in.
Accepted values: cs, da, de, en, es, fr, id, it, hu, nl, no, pl, pt, ro, sk, fi, sv, tr, vi, th, bg, ru, el, ja, ko, zh
Default: "en"

Best regards, 


Hi sune or Isaac

Do you know why when I want to launch a search with Pixabay I'm nothing just one second the loader gif and nothing. I've entere the infos in the admin part, maybe wrong ? I d'ont know.


Jean-Pierre you need to have a api account with pixabay its at the bottom of the form
Yes I've already enter my username and api key in the admin part of Pitch Print, the problem is somewhere.


Hi Jean-Pierre,

You need to contact Pixabay for them to give your account access to the API. Here is what it throws once you try to make a search: Just send them a simple email that you will like to use their API for your site and have recognized them with an icon and a link to their site using PitchPrint app.

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Thanks Isaac I'll do that.


My issue about Pixabay is solved, thanks Isaac.


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