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Help Bubbles

Could you make it possible for us to place help bubbles on the templates? I get so many phone calls with the same questions everyday from customers on how to do certain things inside the editor. One of my sales people said if we had help bubbles inside there that they could click on, it would free up our phone lines. I know you have the small question mark at the bottom, but when you start that thing, it blacks out the screen and then like on my 27" screen, the help bubble with the navigation disappears. I have to back out of the editor to get back to normal.

And I would like to have better control on what instructions to give customers.

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Hello Bob, It would be nice to have a link to one of your product, see how you use it. As far as I know, we never had a phone call about Pitch Print.
In the meantime, you can explore the layout part of Pitch Print, and modify the code as follows. It will create a "tip" bubble for a specific button (not sure if that's what you are asking for).

Default code (line 85)

<li><a data-type="paste-btn" class="pp-small-link-button-trans"><i class="pp-icon-paste pp-med-icon"></i></a></li>


Custom code

<li><a rel="tip" data-tip="Paste" data-type="paste-btn" class="pp-small-link-button-trans"><i class="pp-icon-paste pp-med-icon"></i></a></li>

Best regards,

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Good point Quentin ! Thanks for the tip :D. We will use it that way.

Still, it would be great to be able to translate those tips. 

This way, we can only make the tip for one specific language. 

Best regards; 


Thanks Quentin.

We should document this pretty soon.

Sune, you can actually load the data-tip text via the language file. To do that, you simply need to put it in braces like this: 


<a data-type="show-custom-color" data-tip="{custom_color_tip}" anchor="b" class="pp-select-after"><i class="pp-icon-color_lens  pp-med-icon"></i></a>



This will replace the {custom_color_tip} from the corresponding value loaded from the language file.

You can check what is available from the language file by loading the language file:

Replacing "en" with your language code.

And if what you want to add is not in the language file, you can always add it or amend the language through JavaScript. I just wrote a documentation on it here:

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Thank you for the insight, I will study this out and see what I can do with it. As far as a link to a product page, we are a franchise print service company and the multiple companies that use us to control their brands love this tool for their Franchisees. Here is a link to one of the pages,

We have looked at other online editors and even used others in the past, PitchPrint is by far the most robust and user friendly program we have seen. I personally have enjoyed using it, I have so much control over each of our customer's products and they feel comfortable knowing that their brand integrity is being protected.

Hi Isaac, 

Thanks for pointing that documentation. 

- So we can add translations to the global file. 

- Amend it to the language. (How do we set the values for each language in that case) ? 

Best regards, 


Hello Isaac, 

How can we set data-tips to op-sec-panel-content class like library images, customer images, Facebook, insta. and Pixabay tabs ? 

We are trying to add them but i guess it is overridden by some js. 

Best regards, Sune

Hi Sune,

Where exactly do you want to add them? To the tab buttons or to each image item?

Hey Isaac, 

Possibly both. But at least the tab buttons. :)

Just checked, that's not possible at the moment. Those buttons are created at runtime and not in the layout file.

Sorry for that :(


Yup, i guessed that :) 


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