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Prestashop. Issue in saving design depending browser

Hello all. 

We have an issue in saving customization depending on the browser used. 

On safari (OSX): 

We validate the design, but it will display without customization. If we got back and validate again. It will be saved. and displayed on the product page. 

On Firefox (OSX): 


We validate the design but the image displayed on product will not be customized. please check image attached. 


We are unable do discard customization. When click delete customization, it reloads the page but does not discard the design.

On Chrome (OSX): all works fine ! 

FOR ALL: when we validate the order, the pdf file is correct. So the product is about generating the sample image. Final printable image is correct. 

Looking forward your reply if someone encountered the issue before. 

Best regards, 



Hello, as far as we know, it depends of the size of the template image and foreground image. When we use low quality lightweight images for template, it works fine.

EDIT: It doesn't work with Firefox. 

Product image (with customization) does not display on product page. After customization is validated, the product image displayed is the template image without customization. 

Other browsers are working fine. 



Please check attached picture as a reference customer order. 

This is the sample image. (it doesnt have any customization). 

But when we load PDF file, the pdf and rasters are corrects. 

Looking forward your reply. 



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