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shape mask becomes black when image does not fill the mask completely

Hello all, 

We have an issue with shape mask. 

When we add an image into the mask. If the image do not cover the complete mask, the background part become black.

As the not covered part of the template mask will not be printed, why is it displayed as black ? 

We print on transparent materials so we would like the user can see what will be actually transparent. 

Looking forward any reply. 

Best regards, 



2 people have this problem

Can you please give me a link.


Also I have noticed when the "Customize form" is on screen you can click on the mask below.

Hello Isaac, 

Sorry right now i can't as we found another method to do what we want. I'll send you a link as soon as i can reproduce it ! 




I have the same problem here :

Hi Issac, I received a email saying that you updated the problem of the "Customize form"  to stop  you clicking on the layer mask, but I am still getting the same issue do I need to update on the wordpress side or the Pitchprint server side or was this something you patched from your side? 



Hi Luke,

It's done from our side. Perhaps you need to clear cache?

If it doesn't work at your end, please do send me a ticket.


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