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Additional vector and text design functionality

I came across a different design system, which is no where near as well-developed or nicely designed as PitchPrint, but, surprisingly, it did have some interesting functions I would love to see in PitchPrint.  They include the following:

  • Automatic Word Cloud generation into a shape mask (LOVE THIS ONE!!)

  • The ability to fill vectors (shapes) or text with a pattern (LOVE THIS ONE TOO!)

  • Freehand Drawing
  • Curved Text
  • Text on a path or around a shape
  • Distress: Ability to add a distressed effect to a design
  • Masks for images -- Example: A customer can put a photo in a heart mask
  • Masks for texts -- Example: Fill text with a photo instead of just color
  • Apply "Styles" or "effects" to text -- Such as metal effect, stitched fabric effect, etc.
  • Create text art, such as preset shaping or "extruding" of text

Just some thoughts. PitchPrint is by far the best functioning and well-designed "Product Designer". Hopefully, they will keep up the good work and also continue to increase functionality.


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HI Maria,

Thanks for your kind words and suggestions.

We will attain these and many more. At the moment, we are working on Text on Path, it's same as Curved text. We already have Mask for Images, not sure have you checked that out? You can place any of the plain shapes on the canvas and drag a photo from the gallery into it. The shape will mask out the photo.


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Hello ! 

One more suggestion for Text. 

- Add a magnet to put the text vertically.  By default, it is horizontal, if we want to put the text vertically, as is it is difficult to get a 90° positioning. That would be very great to implement ! 

Kind regards, Sune

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Hi Isaac,

May I know when the Curved Text featured will be made available. This function is very important to us.


text effects: Bridge, Arch (same as curved i guess).
distressed would be nice as well, but maybe can be achieved by using a mask already?


An important option for the text is also to change the color for only the selection, actually if we want to change the color is for all the text. Possibility to select a part of the text (one word or one lettter etc...) for change the color.


Hi Guys
Just a thought on adding all these extra features to PitchPrint, I don't think its a good idea to add too much complexity, the reason why PitchPrint is so good is because its SIMPLE and its better off staying that way. As far as I'm concerned the only feature its missing is curved text. Remember who the end users are, people with NO design or pagemakeup skills or abilities!! If they had any knowledge they would be using Illustrator!
Adding too much functionality will also make it a much more difficult beast for Isaac to manage and maintain, I'd rather he be working on making the system faster and more reliable. Just a thought.


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I think this part of the forum is for the suggestion, Isaac is the only guy who can stay if one feature is good, simple to add or not etc.... so all the feature show here are not an obligation to add. I'm totaly ok with you Steve for the way of Pitch Print.


No worries Jean-Pierre, I understand the keenness for extra features and would LOVE to have PitchPrint do the lot, but realistically that will never happen. I just wanted to put forward the other side of the equation, and absolutely Isaac has the final say, he has done a fantastic job so far with the app and I'm sure that will continue. We are still only on V6 of his app but the new version looks brilliant and we will be switching very soon.


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