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tips for mobile (droid)

i'm looking to get this working on mobile phone. working well on the home PC.

I had to disable the "Show Customize Form" option because it was not scaling down and was awkward on the phone.  two other issues i am seeing...

1.) The background/image/text/reload/check mark and the "X" buttons are overlapping on the phone.

2.) When my customer selects the text icon to edit the text the keyboard is covering the whole design area almost.


Can i adjust this in the layout of pitchprint to make the tools scalable so i can see the design while editing? how can i do this? 

Do I need to get the paid version ? would the Data Form module allow for this?





Hi,  It is not designed for Phones. Just for Desktop and tablets. 

I hope they wil come with the mobile smart Phone version soon.

Hi Bryan,

Thanks for bringing this up. As Ilja has rightly said, we only target Tablets and Desktops with this.

We do plan on a mobile app for the mobile experience as the screens are too small for anything significant to happen; also considering the varying dimensions of such "smallness" from phones to phones, It's best we build universal app targeted specifically at Phones.

First, this will have more processing power than a mobile browser every has, secondly it gives access to user's photos, camera and other resources not accessible or limited through the browser. And then the UI will be targeted simply for Mobile, not just a scaled down version of the desktop app. Generally the experience needs to be different for a small screen.


Isaac Coker

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Thank you both for the info. You saved me some time.  


Thank you for the insight. I will be looking for the announcement for the Mobile App release date. Thank you again for offering this software package and supporting it i know it can be a lot of work.   


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