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How many DPI's are the output files ?

Hi all. 

May i know how many DPI are the output files ? 

Our printer prints out with 360DPi 

Looking forward your answers. 

Best regards, 


Hi Sune
DPI is not applicable to the output files generated by PitchPrint, they are in vector format so do not have a bitmap resolution, it will print to the maximum resolution of the output device you are using, 360dpi in your case. BTW: 360dpi for a printer is an extremely low resolution, are you sure that is correct?


Hi Steve, thanks for your reply.

well 360Dpi is the suggested resolution of our RIP software. And the objects we are printing are very small (phone cases) so it usually enough i think. 

they are in vector format so do not have a bitmap resolution. > yes we saw that but we wonder about the scaling of imported jpgs for exemple. 

We will dig deeper anyway ! 


Hi Sune

The 360dpi the RIP software would be referring to is for the greyscale and colour graphics only, everything else will be rendered at the print resolution you select when processing the job through the RIP, usually the printers max resolution which I suspect would be at least 1200dpi. The resolution of the greyscale and colour graphics have nothing to do with pitchprint, that is set by the resolution of the file that is uploaded and placed in the template layout by the user.


Hi Ken

Your comments are very interesting, I would like to know more about your experiences with V7 of pitchprint, we are about to change over but I would like to know about your issues. There seems to be no PM system on this forum so would you be able to contact me at please, I would love to know more.


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