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How to make a mug template


I googled many hours and read a lot but unfortunatelly dont know how to do a mug template.

This is a png template with transparent center. Somehow i want to make a design where the user can put his picture in the center. And when he buy it, i receive only the user's file with the correct printable size. (20x9) So i just print it.

Hi Áron,

You need to create a Template based design. You can read more on the types of designs here:

A Template based design is one with a picture of the product at the lowest level. That picture only acts as a template and will not be printed in the final PDF. Items like Mugs, TShirts, Caps etc uses this kind of design as you don't want the Mug's picture to be in the PDF, just the user's design.

Here are some steps to take:

1. Create a page with the Actual Width and Height being the Actual with and height of the Mug, including the handle, the whole mug picture you have. And they should be in physical values like centimeters or inches, not pixels. You can use a rough estimate, but ensure that the proportions are exact. That is the most important thing. If your mug image is 300 pixels by 250 pixels, then your actual size could be 12 by 10 (cm). They must match!

2. Select your mug template by clicking on this button:

3. Once you have selected a template image, then an additional set of values will appear you need to set as shown:

4. Do not use the values above. You need to set yours based on the product you are designing. Here is the reason behind the additional values required. Since we are assuming the whole stage to be the mug plus the handle, or let's say a TShirt plus the arms, neck, the full image, we do not want them to place items on the handle, rather, we want them to place their design items on a specific area of the mug. So we use these values to define the region where we want our customers to design on. The canvas width is the width of that area, obviously it should be less than the 12 you have provided above, since we want to remove the handle area, give it some padding in etc. So you can use a rough value of 5 and for height, you can try 6.

The canvas left and top is the offset of the design area from the edge of your template, you can give them a value of 1 each.

5. That is all. Just click the create page button and viola! you have the design.

6. By default, the design will have a background fill of white. You may need to adjust the opacity of the background to make it fully transparent.

Do let me know how this goes.

Sorry I just saw in your post that you need it to be 20 by 9. That will mean wrapping around the mug. You may need to create two pages instead, one for each side.

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