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Couldn't find pitchprint module in prestashop after new installation

Because the module didn’t work right after updating to version 8.0, I had delete the old version in my prestashop and tried to install the pitchprint tool again.

I followed the instructions on this site, but when it comes to point 6, I could not find the pitchprint tool in the modulelist in prestashop, to install it.


Can anyone help me?

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HI Monika,

Can you please send your details so I can assist.

Will convert this to a ticket instead.


Hi Isaac,

which details do you need?


The same problem with me. My web site is down because of it.

Ok, we fixed the problem by unzipping the installation raw and than again packing it as a zip file and load this up to prestashop. Would be easier if the installation file was a zip from the beginning.


Thanks Monika,

Have changed the download to a zip instead.

@Guneyg, would you want to upgrade back to V8?


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