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Determine colors in different pages in the same design

Hello everyone. Sorry for my English.

I created three pages in the same design. On each page I need to make it available a palette of different colors.

For example:

On page 1, I want to make only available pantone 1 category.

On page 2, I want to make only available pantone 2 category.

On page 3, I want to make only available pantone 3 category.

Anyone know how I can do this?

Thank you very much!

Hi Hercules,

That can't be done at the moment but have converted it into a feature request and should be handled in few weeks.


Thank you Isaac. I'm waiting.

How do I know when to be implemented?

Hi Hercules,

We will send out newsletter pretty soon and use that to notify subscribers of new features and general updates. We have so much features and fixes in the plate right now and can't wait to share them.


Can you talk about new features?

Thank You very much!

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