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Hi there,

In most online design tools I've used there is usually a 'preview' button before submitting it to a cart. I realise that it does display once I click the 'tick' on the top right hand corner but surely it would be preferable to have a preview button as well for the customer to see their design when cropped ( for example in relation to printed products that have bleed).


That's exactly what the submit preview is for, if its simpler for you, just re-name the submit tooltip to say Preview/Submit or words to that effect. Or you could duplicate the submit button and call it "Preview"


Thanks Steve.

I think duplicating the button is a good idea. Not sure how this is done yet as I haven't installed but I'm sure I'll work it out.


Hi Zeljko
No worries, it should be fairly simple as you can access the css code in the layouts page in admin and here you can add/delete/edit any of the code to do display edits, a little css knowledge will be needed but its not rocket science. Isaacs program is very good, but you do need to get your hands a little dirty sometimes to get it to do what you want, it will never do everything for everyone but I think its a brilliant piece of software.
My best advice is to accept its limitations and exploit its strengths. NO program is perfect.



Thanks heaps Steve for the info. I do have access to good CSS experts so no trouble there.

I actually do understand these systems quite well and have used many different ones. In fact I already have a couple of sites utilising similar software. I only recently found these guys and so far it does look good. Try getting an Indian developer to create something like this ( as I have done ) and that will surely add a few more grey hairs on your head.



Hi Zejlko
I know what you mean, my programmer is Indian also and the longest part of the job is getting him to understand what I want, after that its a breeze.
I have seen all the other web design packages available and I think this one, for my needs, tops them all. I am currently only running Isaacs previous version that he called Flexcubed, but am actively working towards updating to the Pitchprint version.


Do you have a site that I can look at to see what you've done up till now? I'm assuming because you have done some modifications yourself to the Flexcubed version, that is why updating to Pitchprint version some time? I'm also assuming that the download link from their site is the latest one?

i need a programmer also for total new designer, so would be nice have some url's

Hi Maarten

From experience, to develop this system from scratch is a huge task. If you don't think that you will have more problems then what this system offers I think you are mistaken. Plus, the cost of doing this correctly will be much more than what you will ever pay for Pitchprint. I developed a system myself and it still has lots of problems. My advice, don't re-invent the wheel.

the cost is no problem, it is the support from isaac. i know that he give answer to one person but won't answer me. I have a complete roadmap done for the new programm, and it must pay back with the community, same like pitchprint. Most programmers have some snippets already done. 

And Pitch[rint has not a few bugs, i know a lot and i'm all going to post them here, also security is very low, with a simple hack you can get global admin

Hi Zeljko
My current site is
It is Opencart 1.5.6 based.




nice steve, looking real good. I think flexcubed has the best future's better then pitchprint

Hi Steve,

Ahh yes I did go through that site. Very impressive. Good work. You getting many orders through it yet? By the way, do you do the stickers yourself or do you outsource? I'm always looking for a good trade supplier.  I see the design tool has been heavily customised for you and not the same as 'out of the box'. 

Maarten - isn't Flexcubed the same guys??? Perhaps I'm wrong.

Good luck Steve and thanks for your responses.




Flexcubed is based on Adobe Flex/Flas and Pitchprint is based on HTML5. Many users wanted this because adobe flash does not work on most tablets. So Isaac was begon working on HTML5 version and called it Pitchprint and stopped with flexcubed. 

But Flexcubed has more functions, the PitchPrint, and flexcubed was total written by Isaac. Now we have PitchPrint and it's hanging on different sources, many code snippets from the opensource community. You also need more resources from other websites, like the image editor is not hosted on pitchprint but is in licence from other source The new font input will also come from outside pitchprint.

I liked flexcubed a lot, but also lot's of bugs, but hosted on your own server, is better i think. I helped Isaac a lot but he is turning his back on me, i really hate this. I'm really pissed

So if some outside sources not working, Pitchprint also crashes. IF Isaac is not paying his bills, all your designs on Pitchprint are gone. Or when he makes a mistake and you don't buy the backup module verything is gone. And this is going to happen, i'm sure

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