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Dynamiclly scaleable templates

We are looking at integrating this in to our website that is currently being built. One of the features we'd like to see is a dynamically scaling template based on initial inputs. We are a wide format print company and want to move to a format where our clients can build or upload their own files. The problem we are running in to is that our clients order various sizes of banners, signs, magnets, etc.... With out a way to scale it forces us to build a template for every concieveable size.

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Hi Christian, we are testing this already and should be released pretty soon. Just some minor fixes here and there and, majorly integrating the changes to the different Framework so they can effect a price change based on canvas size.


Hi Isaac
That is very interesting, it would completely change the way we set up templates for the better, have you got a time scale? IE 1 week, 1 month, 6 months?


Awesome, that is great to know!
Can it be set up to size the canvas based on options set before the designer is opened?

What about this idea?

This has been implemented as the canvas adjuster module:
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