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Customer's project as template

It could be useful to use customer's project as template!

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What about this request?

I would be very interested in this too. Is there currently a way to do it?


Good - PLANNED -

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Maybe when he'll check all the problems before to add new option ^^


This option to make a customers layout into a template would be very handy! Even if it means leaving customer uploaded content out (you can replace it with your own) as there would be copyright issues with external content.


If I understand this feature : for exemple if a customer make on order of one custom t-shirt ok is cool but if he want to order for exemple 10 t-shirts with differents size, he can use the first customer project to put on all the differents size if is the same project for all of course.

If the origin of this post is for this way.... is that ?^^

You can add in your templates that of the customer has created on your site!



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