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Color problem

in the output file (pdf, rastered) the colors are all changed! Before the colors of the rastered project were all right! Now are different as for PDF!

The colors are similar but not the same!

It is very IMPORTANT!!!

Please help!

That is the correct color for CMYK.

The old raster rendering was done on screen and is very cumbersome especially on client's computers.

We can add a feature to render both PDF and Raster in RGB, perhaps that is what you are referring to?


Hi Isaac, if I create a color with cmyk value and then use it on a project for a shape, when I open output pdi and check color, cmyk value apre different on that shape!

Now it seems to works, but the problem still alive on text!

Test works fine too.

I'm testing as well and to me, the shapes are rendering with an opacity of 40%, when in the designer it's 100%. At first, I thought it was a color change, but it was just the shape that was transparent. I used one of your stock shapes, the star to be specific.

Hi Luis, we are looking into this.

In the meantime, can you try with other shapes aside plain shapes as those were intentionally designed to carry transparency and meant for masking.

Hi issac even text is coming out wrong, I have a custom colour of #83418F / 58 89 8 0

and its coming out cmyk value 0 67 40 0 on the pdf output, and its the same for svg files

Topic starts a year ago!

Please send me PDF download link.

ok thanks, Issac set via a ticket

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