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How to create svg

I want to know how to create svg to use as shape! When I add one created by me on a project and choose a color, in the rastered output it has the original color and not the one choosen

Hi Jimmy, What are you using to create SVG?
Hi Simon, I use illustrator then convert ai to svg with converter on line!
Thought so, I had same problems with Illustrator. I have used Inkscape and had no issues.
You can open .ai files in Inkscape and then save as plain.svg
There are a couple of things you need to do.
Edit > XML Editor
see attached screenshot
Good Luck!


There is a bit of info here....

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I've just tried it without deleting groups or opacity rule and it worked!
Strange because it didn't before but it makes things a lot easier.


Yes, I see, it works

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They have fixed the problem!

I hope they fix the different color between preview and output file!

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