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Save and reorder

I think it would be a good option to add 2 buttons: save and order! If you save you go in The account with New design, if you order you continue on page product! In this way in the account page you can save project without re order!

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If you think you can open and save customer's project in the admin orders, you can add this function!

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Has this function been added yet?  This is a very necessary function with printed products.



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Oh yes this feature will be very nice, the customer can save the project in him account and continue to edit the project later by a button in him account. A new button as ''Order details, my voucher etc..." here for exemple ''My Design" and the page shop a grid with the list of designs saved, he click and he can continue to finish the project.


No news about this fonction for prestashop and other ?


I think this feature is a big up, very more secure, intuitive and simple for the customer who do an hard design who make some times. The system actually is good but sometimes some confusions and the customer can forget to go back on the product page for continue the design or just forget to connect to the store for have him design save :), also click on the check design thinking him design is finish without return you know.

That's why add a save button on the designer on the top where we click actually for close or check, the project save a file on the customer account, in a section "my design" and whane he want to load the project he click on the button load the project and he go automatic o nthe product page for continue the project.


It's a long time I say it!


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Yes me too :)


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