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Upload Files

 If I use the upload files feature the cart in front end shows user they have been uploaded correctly. The files upload without issues and I can download them in admin. (All good so far)

If user goes to "My Account" in front end and checks order it shows that files have not been uploaded. (This is obviously incorrect)

Is it possible that when a user uploads a PDF the product image is updated to the actual PDF rather than a generic image of a PDF. It works ok with JPG and PNG


I moved this to feature requests. First, the upload works perfectly, only that the image preview is not generated as at yet in the my account, it does not say anything "files have not been uploaded".

We will implement your suggestion to grab a preview of the PDF file, though that's a bit tricky because some PDF files' artwork might start from a page greater than 1, using page 1 as cover or something, possibly draw out all the pages if less than a range.

It's something we will do this weekend.



Hi Isaac,
I agree, it does not say "files have not been uploaded" but the red cross underneath the files column in recent orders will make users think that something is required or something has gone wrong with the upload.


I don't see a red cross, are you referring to the thumbnail area?

Seriously. Have another look! Please


Hi Isaac, Have you managed to find time to have another look?

did this ever get resolved?

Yes please, uploads appear in the product page :)

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