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Template management

When creating templates, lots of them, there are a few issues in the current template library:

  1. The maximum amount of categories is unlimited, but when trying to copy a template to another category, only the first 9 categories are shown in the menu.
  2. Subcategories would be nice, though not really necessary
  3. When collapsing a category, it should stay collapsed. Now it opens every time you edit a template.
  4. The current layout is very appealing when working with a few templates, but when creating multiple templates in multiple categories, it would be great to switch to a "list-view", showing just a list of categories, subcategories (if implemented) and the templates. No preview, just a list with the current icons to do something with that template after the name.

And maybe a bug... When renaming a category, all previews are gone. They only come back when you edit a template and save it.

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Thanks Ton,

Very insightful.

Will look into the previews and fix that as well.


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