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Modify users designs

 I have just tried the new "Load Project and Modify" feature but the modified design doesn't save back to users account. Is this how it should work?

Where is that feature? I don't see one.

In an order of woocommerce

It's meant for Admin users to quickly load the project, make a modification should in case the PDF file doesn't come out properly based on the customer's designs and get a modified PDF file as end result.

But at the end of the day, the design is modified and saved, perhaps you are looking at a cached browser image.

@Andriy, coming to OpenCart soon. OpenCart admin ins managed by vqmod so quickly pushing out updates is a bit burdensome there.


Hi Isaac,
Once modified, should the design update the customers project in their account. I have cleared cache and it still doesn't update.
"Load Project and Modify" updates but not with flipped images
"Download PDF File" updates but not with flipped images
"Download Raster 1" does not update at all
Small image within order details does not update at all.
Hope this helps


Please can you send me your link.


Hi Isaac,
I'm working on a local server so can't send link. You have solved the flip problems but there are a couple of problems when a project has been modified. This is what I have found this morning.
Original pre-modified (attached file 1)

Modified "Download PDF File" updates changes correctly (attached file 2)

Modified "Load Project and Modify" updates changes correctly (attached file 3)
Modified "Download Raster 1" does not update changes (attached file 4)
Modified Small image within order details does not update changes (attached file 5)
Files have been loaded in reverse order


Isaac, Could you confirm whether this is a problem at your end or not. Thanks

No please, the intent of the link is to fetch user's design and render the PDF via a link //pitchprint admin/projectedit. Now, the design is resaved but all that happens in the browser carrying our admin URL, there is no way to push updated images which are saved on your server back to you if you are on a localhost; there are millions localhosts, so there's no way to push that back to your specific localhost.

But we have just implemented a server based on-the-go rendering so that should solve your problem of rendered images. When users submit their work, it will not render raster on their machine as it used to, but when you click the download raster from Admin, it now generates it on the go on our server and packages it as a zip file you can download.

I hope you do understand my point clearly?

Please this happens only in WordPress; we are working to bring this to OpenCart and Prestashop in the coming week.

I will now set this as solved.



Ok so now I click new link "Download Raster Renderings"
I get a file with no extension which doesn't open.
Yes I understand your point regarding localhost images being updated.

Sorry, it's a zip file, could you add .zip to it, I will check why it wouldn't download as zip under mac.


Kindly check, are you able to download as a Zip with he .zip extension?

Yes, all working. Thanks


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