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Color of shapes

If customer set a color for a shape, in the pdf generated the shape doesn't have that color!

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Hi Jimmy,

the svg files of the shapes must need a style property for each path or group object

example (style="fill:#000000; stroke:none) then works the color in the PDF.


Hi Michael,

thank you for answer, but I talk about default shape: plain shape of pitchprint!

try it please and let me know!

Yes, is the same Problem with the default shapes. I have upload new shapes with the style property and it works perfectly.

We have to change default shapes?

I flagged this up with Isaac about a month ago and this was the reply "Yes, it's at the PDF end and we have guys working on it. The initial intent of the plain shapes was to use them as masks, that's why you see them transparent in default mode, so that when people place texts underneath that says "Drop Picture Here", the texts will show but we see there are users who use them as shapes in their design work. This should be trashed asap." I'm not sure what he meant by trashed but there hasn't been anything done yet. There are also other issues where the user can change a shape and it doesn't reflect on the PDF. Try mirroring any shape!

How can I mirror shapes?

click on left or right sizing handle on shape or image and pull over image to opposite side


Simon, have you problem with pdf colors? If you see rastered output and pdf output, the color are different! On the screen the color are very different from PDF!

How can i fix this problem?

No, not having an issue with colours. Slight colour differences.
See attached files. 1pdf and 1png
Isaac, This shows the issue I am having if user mirrors an image. Seems to work OK with text.



See the green of the cross in the pdf: it is more dark than png, and the blu is different!!!

Yes you are right, there are "slight colour differences"
Not sure how to rectify, maybe Isaac can help!


The right colors are on PDF (CMYK) and not on png (RGB)

Hi Simon, the flip issue has been solved.

As regards the shapes color, our intent of the plain shapes is basically for masking as against having them printed in the finalPDF, thus the transparencies, so If for example you have a reference text beneath that says drop image here, the text will show beneath the transparent plain shape.

So what will happen is that we will release new shapes that are formatted for PDF usage without the transparencies applied at the node level.


Hi Isaac,

and what about different color on rastered and PDF?

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