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Bigger canvas to put instructions for use

I would love to have the possibility to have a bibber canvas around the page, so we can put some non-printing instructions for the user there.

That way we can tell the user what he icons mean, or what the bleedlines are used for...

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Yes, it would be great to have an area dedicated to this, and possibly a layers list too.

A big canvas is useful to move out some object when I'm working on the design...

I have some design with some object lost in the limbo of "out of canvas" out there..  ehehehe!

For instructions there's a button to configure...

Thank yoU!


I know you can have a button for the help, but the usage of arrows and text on the canvas is much more intuitive ;-)

I think being able to have any reference elements in the area outside of the design canvas would be helpful... to at least have that option... as in the phone case sample design....

Thanks guys, the only issue I foresee with that is zoming and canvas dimension itself.

So am of the opinion an overlay png with transparency might suffice, so that when the help button is clicked, it pops up and when clicked upon, it disappears.

Having an arrow with message beneath the page navigator is fine if the design is landscape where the width is larger than the height. But for a portrait canvas, that's another issue, because the canvas will most likely nearly touch the top of the page and give no room for that. Having a smaller design canvas on the other end will defeat usability for users who are not keen on zooming in or panning around.

As much as possible, the main aim of this tool, usability wise is to let customers spend the shortest possible amount of time on it, creating awesome designs in the briefest of time. It is a transition tool towards placing an order, not an Online Photoshop. Layers will defeat that purpose entirely, so will deep hierarchical menus. That's the idea behind always-on-context-menu, when you click a picture, the picture edit button shows right close to the picture, not needing to travel a thousand mile to a File -> Picture -> Edit Picture menu at the top left. And even in the context, the fewer they are, the better but those could expand for the admin to have more refinement. We have a duplicate icon in the context for admin but not for client since that's more useful while "creating". Icons like Justify align, line spacing, letter spacing etc are all hidden off because they are hardly used by the regular Joe user. But if we get these to the content creators (admin), then they can craft the best design templates that will leave little or no need for any further customization by Joe, all he needs to do is change his name, color and place that order.

Larger canvas, sure you could do larger canvas using a template image and offsetting the design canvas to the center, like we did with the Phone Case sample as pointed out by Tiffany. Only thing is, we implemented the stamp template to previews yesterday (for instance, in a TShirt design, the TShirt template will be shown with the design on it in preview images) so that might also get shown in the preview for now, but we'll add an option to omit the template from previews so this can be a done. We also received lots of mails as regards our documentation, it's been in the works for God knows how long, but we'll ramp it up pretty fast; issue has always been keeping up with changing features, UI and functions. Our current feat is to implement the CloudConvert API, so users can import PDFs, illustrator, AI, and many other file formats and then we'll push the docs out. Promise!

Will be nice if someone could share some overlay png images that could be used as guides.



Very good points - the ease of use and clean layout is why I have chosen this over other plugins I have purchased in the past.  

CloudConvert feature is AWESOME!!!!! 

Thank you Isaac!

The only thing I can say on big canvas: can you make visible and movable (or semi-transparent) the object that the user (or admin) put outside the canvas?? I have lost some object outside there... and I think they made a bigger PDF file for the order...

Thank yoU!


Hi Isaac,

I love the implementation of CloudConvert, to be able to use PDF files!

I don't see the problem of a canvas with items that are disregarded in creation of the final PDF however... As you stated, PitchPrint is aiming to be as simple as possible, that's the reason why we are implementing it. And because we know the majority of the users will be nitwits, we want to place instructions on the canvas, always visible to the user, not when they click on a help-button. When working with a landscape template, we would place the info on top and/or bottom, when working with a portrait template, we'll just use the space on the left and right.

And even when it will disappear when they zoom in, they have seen the info and know it will be back when they zoom out ;-)

The usage of layers and being able to lock them, would be a nice option in the back-office, when designing templates. Using layers would give us the possibility to add object to the design, without a user being able to touch or modify them. This would solve my issue with transparent PNGs acting as a mask for user pictures...

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