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Backend Font Editor Issue

Today when attempting to modify my font list I was having a ton of issues.  It would constantly tell me it deleted a font, only for it to immediately reappear upon refreshing the page.  Or, sometimes I would delete several fonts and refresh the page only to find out it deleted the wrong fonts entirely.

Also, is the WOFF font inclusion essential?  I don't have WOFF files for many of the fonts I would like to use but it seems that if I was to add the OTF/TTF file into both boxes (WOFF and TTF) it works fine.

Hi Ryan,

Yeah you need to include both. Woff fonts are webfonts and the advantage of being very light compared to the legacy TTF fonts. Thus they are used in the Front end rendering as they are fast to load. On the other hand, PDF does not accept woff fonts but TTF, so you need Woff for front end rendering as well as the corresponding TTF font for the PDF.

Are currently testing CloudConvert so you will require only one and we can convert at the backend for the other.

So kindly try uploading both fonts and test the delete issue again. I have checked here and there's no such error logs.


I currently use to get woffs of my ttfs .... hope this helps Ryan.

Hi Ryan,

Do you still have this issue?


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