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Option to Allow Customer to Download

Option to set designs for customer to be able to download after designing... JPG and/or PDF.  

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Yes, it would be nice for the client to be able to download a low res "proof" in JPG or PDF. It is an industry standard, helps give the customer peace of mind and converts higher checkouts as they feel confident in their design, but at the same time do not have the high res files to go get it done elsewhere.

I would use it in various instances, and would have a use for low and high res... also a flattened pdf, with options to place multiple images within the pdf.

I'm wondering if the PDF  the user is able to download, after designing, is high resolution?... it appears to be.

I am trying to get the same feature or at least them to be emailed the PDF, PNG that is already created. I honestly would pay money right now for that to be added! I am stuck emailing the finished product after they submit which doesn't go over to well when there is a wait time for me to email...


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