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One product, multiple designs

Hi, I would like to know if there is a way to get the following:

To create in woocommerce one product, "Customized Business Card" the customer click the product, then he can select any of a list of our Designed Templates.

It is like an option to asign more than one Template to a Woocommerce Product.

That will avoid the need to create a unique product for every Designed Template.

Thank you.

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It is possible: if you think that you can save more than 1 business card of the same project and when you click on one of them, you go to the page of the original product!

Isaac! Is it right?

Hi Luigi, that's an approach!

But that will make a project of too many pages.... I think.

You are thinking to template page!

I understand, we have something similar in the works for a client, should come out mainstream very soon.

You can check out demo here:


Yes Isaac, that is the idea!
I still think that there could be another way, for example a template page showing all designs and when the customer decide for one, then click it and take the design id to the product that have the prices.

So you only have to create one product per category. Example business cards:

You click to Business Cards category and what you get is a list of PitchPrint Businesscards Templates, then you click the desired one and the system redirect (transfering the Pitch print design id to the woocommerce (in my case) product called Personalized business cards.

Do I explain myself?


Yes, I understand your idea, it's just a presentation matter I suppose. Here we have it loaded into a select control, you can pitch a plugin to load them into a full screen popup once the page loads and customer is asked to scroll through a picture gallery arranged in any format you deem fit, select which design they want and boom.. customize. But doing two page thing might prove difficult especially for upgrades especially in WordPress, remember it is tied to another plugin, which is tied to WordPress. So it's best you follow WooCommerce's framework. Do all you want to do in their product page and not an intermediary page between the product link and product page. Upgrades might break things if you do that.

I hope you understand my point.


I want tp learn how to do that popup! that will do the trick for me! :)

I have having headaches with Wooommerce, I wish that I have try OpenCart first :(


Oh, do you know javascript well enough? You could use one of those gallery libraries out there and we have loaded jQueryUI for modal popups so makes it easy as pie... you just may need to spice it up with pre-loader gif, sequence the loading so they don't all load at once and attach the click events and styling :)

I'll see how what I can come up with along the week, will be a nice option.

I am really just starting to learn javascript.... haha!
Lets see what happen.

Thank you very much for your support!

Yes, one of the biggest needs for WooCommerce in general and this plugin being a patch for that is cornered in the same limitations like Isaac says. WooCommerce has never been interested in editors (I've talked with their devs), just selling products, services and download goods. 

Isaac has something great here and especially using Amazon servers and not have space limits on our sites it is imperative IF this plugin is going to be a definitive editor to be able to pull art designs independent of wooC product pages. My boss wants hundreds of templates for hundreds of products and many sizes, there is no way and no point doing it the "1 art = 1 product" format. It would be ideal to have some type of hook to pull and image gallery that can be displayed, edited and proceed to cart with the one product ID#. If there was a shortcode I could put on the product page calling all art for that size/product in PP it would make life and users time much more beneficial.

These guys are doing something similar (not wp/woo, maybe Magento) that I hope one day can be done with PP.

I'm that client!! ;)

Isaac developed to me a month ago...



How did you do this?

Hi Antonio, what do you think about the popup with all product displayed in thumbnails, maybe when they click a button to view designs or when it loads initially as further than having the select combo box ??


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