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Missing Page Dimension Tab to set properties

Anyone else having issues with the admin panel to edit page dimensions or properties tab missing.  Mine has been this way for over a week.  Also cannot save any changes to designs or create new designs.  Just keeps saying Saving and never finishes.  Also session will not stay connected and keeps having me re-login.

I have issue with session not staying connected. I have to login every time I want to make a change. I have been working in application layout and it is driving me mad.

Simon are you able to save designs and do you have the tools tab which allows you to edit the design properties?  

I am also having trouble with it keeping me logged in - haven't noticed any design issues.

Looking into these. In the meantime, you can use a different browser for the front end. It's when you use same browser and navigate between client front and backend admin that it logs you out but we're fixing it.


Hi Kevin, Like Tiffany, I haven't noticed any design problems

This was solved today, could anyone please confirm. Kindly reload your browser before testing.

We fixed  the Admin Logout issue as well as missing ToolBox in some browsers.



Yes ... Working Great!!!! Thank You Isaac


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