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Curved Text

I think having the ability to curve text like shown in the editor in the attached pic would take this already great editor to the next level.

Anyone agree?

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Isaac has already done this for me, custom job. He is great at custom mods if your willing to pay, and I think he is quite reasonable with his charges.


Thanks Steve,
Could you give me some idea what Isaac charged you and your website address so I can see it working.



Site is I'd rather keep the price private as if its public knowledge it might set a precedence for Isaac and create issues for him. The curved text he did for me is not perfect, there are some tracking/kerning issues on some fonts that he said he cannot fix in flash as it does not have those controls, but the new HTML version might be different. Isaac has been very fair, prompt and upfront on all my dealings with him and that's well over a year now.


i think this ability or text to path would be welcome

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That we'll be nice if this feature will be add yes, I mean not add for 1 or 2 users of Pitch print but for all no ? :)
I've talk about this feature since some mounth already.


I want this feature.


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up to this feature :)


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