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True-Size Image Loading

I would love to have an option to allow for an image to load at its true size.  I work with wall decals - and for example, if I set up a layout to mimic a wall size, and my SVGs of animals are specific sizes I sell, when the customer adds that animal to their decal (or I do in the design area) the default size would be the true size of the svg.  I tested this, and created an SVG at 15" x 15", and when I added it to the design, it was much larger.

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For designs, you can use the admin panel to set the image dimension. Thing is people upload all kinds of svg files and if we maintain their original sizing at initial load, some will be very tiny on screen, others too large to even start scaling so the app scales to fit by default. We could perhaps add that as a setting to disable auto scaling but might not be good if you want users to upload their own svg, ai or PDF shapes.

Since I plan on using your system primarily as a form of proofing users own premade designs, auto scale would be great to turn off. This way it would appear actual size and centered. That way if they have crop marks in their files the overall image won't be automatically scale down to all fit within the pitchprint art board.

Thanks Adam, You can place a plain shape on your page, expand it to fill the page and when your customer uploads their picture into it, it will fit in exactly into that shape. Unless you mean the page should itself scale to their design's page proportion, but then why not have them upload their design to you straight away as a file.

Thank you Isaac,

I think what you're suggesting is a bit different but I'm not sure.  What I mean is we want to use the system so that we don't have to approve or change files after they've been uploaded (there is a lot of time wasted with files that don't work in size) so for example if the PitchPrint canvas is 3.6"x2.1" (with a finished size of 3.5"x2" for business cards), if a user uploads a file that is 3.75"x2.25" because of bleed and then crop marks, it would be great if the file stayed true to size and simply cropped out the rest that isn't necessary (everything outside of 3.6"x2.1").  Thank you for your fantastic support!


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