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Many Lines with Form

I am using the form feature of your program, and with my items I need about 9 lines sometimes.  When I create the design, everything works okay, but on the front end of the customizing, the form will clear some of the lines of text... If text is placed there, it works fine but if the customer didn't want to customize that certain line, and you hit submit, the line is cleared.

Also, not sure if this would belong in requested features, but the design area allows multi-line text, but the form does not.  I tried to work around the many lines issue by having a paragraph used in the form, but it creates problems when entering/editing a paragraph.

Thanks a bunch!

HI Tiffany,

As regards the first issue, am thinking you are referring to a multi-line text field, for example an address field with many lines but one text field. It does not clear the text field, it simply wraps to the next line and have just made an update for it to show all the lines. I hope that's what you meant by clearing some of the lines.

Form does show multi-line. An example is the address line here:

If you see, it displays multiple lines for the address based on the text item on the canvas.

By clearing some of the lines, I mean the text has been completely deleted from that line - If I have 9 separate text boxes, and use the form, two of the 9 text boxes in the form, no longer have text in them.... I don't change anything - hit submit, and the text is gone in the design too.

If the design is simple, and only includes the text it works fine, but on my design I have some images, and some things are locked, etc.... and it does this (see attached image) when I use quite a few text boxes...

I see the paragraph works... when I first tried it, it mashed everything into one line in the form.... but now when I tried it, it works perfectly.  Thanks!  

I very much think that should be the natural way it should work. For instance if you have a business card design with a text field say "Position" and in it you type in "Manager". When the form pops up and the client intentionally clears that field of its content, I believe the intent of the customer is not to have that field at all in their design, else they would have either edited changed it to their position or say leave it to edit some other time. If customer clears the field, why retain it only for them to go into the design and have to totally delete it, that will be double work for them I suppose.

This was a screenshot of the form when it FIRST loaded - I haven't touched anything.  On this one, one line was deleted by your program upon the load of the form.  My original design has text in that field, but the form loads and deletes the text line.  I will email you a link to this design as well.

Link sent gave 404, please resend.

I apologize, the product was set to private - it should work now

Have just checked it, the line that didn't show seems to have a little issue. I checked the console and found this text: ""chilling with me"

The double quote before it seems to tell of an empty string, not sure but I will check further to confirm why it's showing that. I also need to point, the alternating row color is due to your page styling css.

I was typing it fast as an example and typed: "chilling with me      instead of    "chilling" with me   but no double quote was actually typed... (as shown in the image from the email... I typed "chilling with me   and not ""chilling with me")

What alternating row color?  I wasn't aware of anything.... 

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