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It would be nice to have price-altering features available. 

For example, for tshirts adding another color increases the price.

Also if a new text object or shape is added, to increase the price, but the size would also be a determinant of the additional price.

Lastly, it would also be nice to be able to price certain images, and if they add one, it would increase by a certain, price predetermined when adding the image to the gallery on the back-end.  

I can understand your requests but the issue is, due to the multi platform nature of the plugin app, it's quite messy to dabble into that at the app level.

The best we can do is expose those as API methods when colors are added, images etc, then left out for the individual cart framework to alter pricing based on those parameters.

As is, OpenCart does that using options but even options are not standardized, it's based on the particular store and their implementation. WooCommerce uses variable products, Prestahop uses variation so it's best left as external plugins that communicate between the app and the particular cart framework to update pricing and options based on customer design.

Am hopeful once we grow bigger, developers will see reason to plugin and develop these much easier.



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I can understand why this wasn't taken into consideration 2 years ago, but both Pitchprint and Prestashop (or in fact all the other supported platforms) have evolved a bit since then.

Prestashop's product attribute combinations are perfect to manage physical product variations (sizes, colors, etc.) but cannot be used for customizations.
For example, if I'd like to sell the same t-shirt with 4 print sizes or without customization, I can't.
So I have a working shop with a great customization tool, but to use them together without printing for free, or selling all print sizes at the same price, I'd have to buy a 200€ module from the PS marketplace.

Not to mention, even if I do buy a third extension to manage these price options, it won't change the price automatically if a client adds a design in Pitchprint, or removes the customization.

I hope you guys will find a solution someday, because Pitchprint is otherwise a really great service.

Best regards,
B. G.


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Hi Actually, Isaac Finish the dev of the new version of Pitch Print, He has planed to add a module for photo prints, see on the designer the price when we add or delete the photos etc by sizes for generate at the end the order for add to the cart ..... I think this new feature can also be using for your context. Well we'll see that while we need to be patient :)


This might be something that can be implemented in your e-commerce software using options and/or attributes, before the customer moves into PitchPrint.  For instance, you could set an option where the user chooses how many colors they want in their design as a dropdown option that adjusts the price accordingly.  Once they make the selection, they can then choose to customize the design.

Since we're talking about customization, not actual, physical products, if stock management is turned on, you can't use attributes, because it would require to have customizations in stock, which doesn't make sense. Plus, even without using stock management, and opting for this method would result in a horrendous number of product combinations.

Managing "standalone" attributes without combinations, or using other, third-party options besides attributes CAN work, but in case of Prestashop, modules capable of this come between 90€ and 250€.

However this goes beyond what the average e-store needs, so no wonder it's a "code it or buy it" functionality.

I'm not criticizing PitchPrint, as it's a great service, but I believe its inability to affect product prices, makes it useless for many users. I mean, what's the point of product customization if you can't charge for it accordingly.

Let's see what will come up in future versions and PS 1.7.

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