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Design Menu Cut off

After adding a template image and foreground image, the menu gets cut off, and I cannot save (seems the scroll option is missing when the menu expands).  Thanks!

(200 KB)

All fixed.

Ok, noted. My concern is actually the way the app canvas was shifted to the left but I assume it's because you set the app to float panel.


This isn't a pressing problem for me, just something I noticed and wanted to pass along.

Okay the images uploaded backwards from the order I submitted them :)  but you get the idea I hope....

These are full-size screen shots.

1. I opened the design to edit it... it is set to have a minimal UI.  This is what it looks like when it first opens, which is fine.

2.  I click to edit the page

3. Click to add a template image

4. This is what it looks like after I select the image to add as the template image.

5. The only way to get to the buttons at the bottom is to tab through the canvas dimensions

6.  But then after you hit update it gets you stuck there.

(191 KB)
(192 KB)
(240 KB)

Please can I see the design details, the canvas left, right etc? I think the design was offset to the right using those values.

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