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can not add domain in account

I have downloaded and installed the module on a testserver at an opencart installation.

To continu i have to setup my user account at the admin portal, where i am asked to add my domain to my account.

When i press add domain and enter my domain i get the message: " domain was not added! limit exceeded"

Am i doing something wrong?

Greetings Anton,

1 person has this problem

At least 48hours to help a new upcoming client to being able to start his new web2print solution....

That is not a good way to promote your item and reel in new paying customers!!!

I am really disappointed and am going to look further for some other web2print solution where they do have good and fast support.

Unfortunately, I've had to come to the same conclusion.

Hi guys, sorry it's been fixed.

We didn't get new tickets for few days, unknowingly due to a filter on the helpdesk.

You can now add domains.


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