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Drop Shadow

Hi Isaac,

It's a great feature if I can add drop shadow to objects...

Thank you!


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Thanks, but the problem is that PDF rendering will vary based on the dimensions.

It may be good for small print works that can be rendered and printed in PNG or JPG but when it gets to PDF, it's a little more harder.

Hopefully we'll get there in the near months.



Now I can use chain text as simple drop shadow effect for text...

It's more pratical if a similar effect (i call this "solid shadow") have a shortcut button... eheh...

With solid shadow, the object remain in vector graphics, and it's lighter than a raster drop shadow, I think...

Thank you!


@antonio, and if you make it transparant, it's almost the same and mix with your background. The only thing is that people have to change the text two times. But it works great

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